Vincent Longo Highlight Illuminator

Joseph Cosmetics

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Highlighting helps draw attention to your favorite features and brighten up those dark places that leave you looking tired or your lips looking drab.

Once your base makeup is set, apply your highlighter stick on the places that deserve more light. That will mean underneath the eyes, around the edges of the nose and across the bridge, the edges of the mouth, the area between your brows and in the center of your chin. Then using a brush, a sponge or your ring finger, blend the product in. If you’re looking to define additional features, you can add a dab of highlighter along the brow bone to accentuate your arch and along your Cupid’s bow to create the illusion of fuller lips.  In the pic shown here with the model, the highlighter stick is shown under the other stick which is the contour stick, which we also have in stock

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